How Can I Reduce My Moving Cost?

The first question that comes into your mind when planning to move from one home to another is the cost involved. Whether you are moving from one town to another within a country or you are moving beyond the borders of your country, you will definitely incur some expenses. In any given country, there are standards that have been set by national moving providers as per the distance covered. However, people will always be looking for ways to lower their moving costs for one reason or another. There are many approved ways that can help you cut your moving cost. In this article, we have selected the best tips that will help you choose a carrier that will be less costly but at the same time, effective.

  • Have a Personal Moving Financial budget
When moving for a long distance, there may arise some extra expenses that were not expected. How do you deal with this? Your personal finance budget should guide you to the extent that you can spend. A personal budget will also help you in choosing the right company that you can easily afford. Another important benefit of coming up with a budget is that you will be able to acquire sufficient funds to facilitate the whole moving process.
  • Look for a Low Priced Moving Company
It is good to hire a company that is well priced to fit your budget. Although there are many companies advertising their services, it is important that you do the comparison of the different prices offered by various companies before making a choice. Through this, you will hire your mover at a fair price.
  • Talk to your Mover for a Fair Price
Most prices charged by the moving companies appear fixed. However, that does not mean that you cannot negotiate with them for a better price. You can do this by visiting your company and informing them of your intentions to do business with them. Tell them how much you are ready to part with. It pays to know what price the other companies are offering as this will give you a good bargaining power. If your offered rates are within reasonable limits, no company will allow you to hire their competitors.
  • Do the Packing Yourself
You want to cut on some cost, right? Then be smart enough and do the parking yourself! When you are served fully by your moving company, you will incur unnecessary costs. Handle all that you can by yourself and let your company handle what is really necessary. It makes no sense to hire people to pack your personal belongings while you can comfortably do that by yourself. However, if you are too busy with other things, then this might not work for you. Either way, we always recommend using proper packaging materials that are fit for the job, whether it be bubblewrap, cardboard tubes or tamper evident bags.
  • Ensure you Move Only the Important Stuff
Sometimes in our homes, we keep things that we don’t require. It is therefore important to ensure we only move what we really need. Please note that you will pay for every single item carried, so make a wise decision. Anytime Removals 2 Purley Way, Croydon CR0 3J Tel: 020 3369 4241


Housekeeping Uniform – What Should Yours Look Like?

With a lot of companies, there is often a predetermined uniform which all members of staff need to wear on a daily basis while they go about their tasks. However, it is worth noting that some companies do not offer a particular dress code, and instead ask their staff to dress ‘neatly and smartly’. What is acceptable and what is not is not always obvious to everyone, so we’re taking a look at what your housekeeping uniforms should look like if you’re working in an establishment where there is no particular code.

For the men

For the males, the emphasis is on the smart and the discreet, like it would be for the females. A smart pair of trousers is always advised, preferably in a black as this is plain and neutral. If you’re going to wear a white button down shirt, then it is advised that you have one which is both ironed and clean. In some cases, you may feel a need to pair it with a waistcoat for the sake of appearance, and this should also be black as so to avoid any unnatural colours or designs. Housekeeping staff aren’t supposed to draw attention to themselves, as they are there to clean and keep the premises looking as professional and neat as possible. Therefore, you should also avoid loud hairstyles and keep all piercings off where you can. This will help to maintain an impression of professionalism and discretion.

For the women

For ladies, a lot of the dress code rules will apply to them as they do the men. If you’re going to wear a skirt, however, keep it at a suitable length and practical, as so to ensure that you can perform your duties with as much efficiency as is possible. Skirts and trousers should also be black as to avoid standing out and looking out of place. Shirts should also be white and plain and buttoned up as so not to expose anything. As housekeeping staff, the uniform should be discreet and enable you to merge with the background. Shoes should be flat and functional like they should be for men, and high heels should be avoided. Makeup is allowed, but should be discreet, and shouldn’t feature intense or highly alternative colours. Hair should also be styled in such a way that looks tidy and inconspicuous. Women definitely have a greater choice when it comes to work wear and also when it comes to times, events and functions after work. Turn to this London dress maker - Dynasty prom dress! Overall, these are just a few ideas when you are faced with finding a housekeeping uniform for a company which does not provide one. While it isn’t standard practice for businesses and individuals not to provide some uniform to provide for staff, if you find yourself without a uniform then it is handy to know what to have to ensure that you’re not caught on the back foot. Discretion is essential when it comes to selecting a uniform, as you’ll want to remain subtle and not a focus for people, so you can go from area to area and clean without disrupting whatever is going on around you.


Why is Guttering So Important?

Rain. It’s something which is pretty much unavoidable in most parts of the world. It’s a naturally occurring event which can, however, be very damaging to property. However, with correctly installed guttering, all the damage which would come from rain water on the property is circumvented, and instead, the water just goes harmlessly into the drain. We’re taking a look at the advantages of ALUMINIUM GUTTERING, and why it is an important thing if you’re going to protect your house from rainfall.

It protects your property from damages

One of the first and main points about guttering is that it can protect your house from being damaged by torrential rains. The water, if left unchecked, would simply roll off the roof of your home and seep into the foundations and the underneath of the property, which can then potentially cause flooding risks or structural problems. Guttering helps to prevent this by collecting all the water before it rolls off the roof, and instead transports it down the pipes and into a drainage system, where it is then carried away from your property and thus doesn’t cause you any damage. This is probably one of the most important reasons why guttering is so important because without it you can run the risk of some severe damage to the ground underneath your home.

It helps to prevent erosion

This only applies to properties which have a garden, but it is still a critical point. If too much water gets into the soil and the landscape around your property, the land can start to be eroded away by the water hitting the same spot over and over, a concept which can also be applied to concrete. This means that you could lose entire sections of your lawn or your garden because of the water falling from your roof. The guttering will prevent this from happening and will transport the water away from the property and the garden, so there’s a much more reduced risk of this happening.

The water can’t stain your bricks

While this is a problem which is more aesthetic, it’s still one which many people would like to avoid. The brickwork of your home can very easily become stained by the water as time goes on, which can eventually change the hue of the bricks completely and thus alter the look of your entire property. The brickwork helps to prevent this by circumventing the water away from any place where it could be damaging to your property, thereby ensuring your brickwork remains intact. Overall, the importance of well thought out and designed guttering is very high, and can help to protect your property and garden area from being damaged by heavy rainfall. Obviously, as a homeowner you don’t want to be paying large amounts of money to repair damages to the property, so making sure that you have a well-installed gutter in place will prevent the majority of water based damages, meaning that your home is protected.